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Web Rates Size Cost Per Impression

Medium Rectangle

300 x 250 pixels


(min. 10,000/$120)

Super Leaderboard

970 x 90 pixels


(min. 10,000/$140)


970 x 250 pixels


(min. 10,000/$160)


Two 500 x 900 pixel panels
with a 145 x 900 pixel live area


(min. 15,000/$200)

Mobile Adhesion

320 x 50 pixels


(min. 10,000/$120)

Sponsorship Opportunities

Web Rates Size Time Note


Sent out multiple times a week highlighting new posted stories

120 x 60 pixels


Online Crossword Sponsor

Appear as a sponsor with the online crossword puzzle.


Web Submission Requirements

  • All files must be no larger than 80KB at 72ppi and using RGB color
  • Files must be in GIF, PNG, JPG, or SWF Format
  • SWF Files should use the 'clickTag' attribute

All ad sizes are based on IAB standard ad unit guidelines.