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What are advertising statistics?

Advertising statistics are a calculation of times in which a file (in this case a leaderboard, skyscraper, or button advertisement) has been seen and or accessed by a user viewing content on or

For more info on file sizes and dimensions, see the web ads page.

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How do I interpret the stat report?

This guide was designed to help walk you through the most relevant information for your business. If you have more questions about all the data presented in this guide, please feel free to contact us.


Your first step in reading your stats will be to select a month that your advertisement ran. The list is available on the right of this page and is a summary of that month's traffic.

The page is broken into two sections: the monthly summary and the URL detail report.

The monthly summary gives an overview of traffic on and can be a little confusing. The first heading, Unique Visitors, tracks the total number of individuals that have accessed the site. So, if a person logged onto five times in the past month, they would only count as one unique visitor.

The next column, Number of visits, tracks the number of times has been accessed in the last month.

Pages represents the total number of pages served to users of the site. Any time a user clicks a link, a page is served.

Hits represents the total number of files served to users. A file can be anything, a page, an image, etc.

Getting Reports

Your second step in reading your stats will be finding your advertisement. Scroll down the page to the heading marked Pages-URL. This is a list of all the ad banners displayed on

This table contains a lot of information about your ad, but the first two columns are the most important. The first column is the ad's filename, the second column refers to the number of times that ad appeared on a page. The file names take the form:


When you submitted your advertisement for approval to go on our web site, you should have received this file name from your Account Executive. If you did but you misplaced it, simply scroll through the list and find the file name which most closely represents your business/organization title. If you still cannot locate it, please contact us or ask your Account Executive.

Interpreting requests

After you have found your file in the File name list, look at the second column, titled Viewed.

This represents the number of times a file is accessed. In other words, when someone is viewing and your advertisement shows up on the page they are looking at, one request for that advertisement is made and "Viewed" increases by one.

Therefore, the number of requests represents how many times your ad was viewed on any given web page.

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Why isn't my file showing up under the list of file names?

Make sure you are looking at a month in which your ad ran. If this is the first time you have run this particular ad, and you have not run it for more than one month, you will have to wait until a new statistic page is posted. New statistics pages are posted in the first week of every month.

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When are new statistics posted?

New statistics are posted within the first week of each month. They will contain up-to-date statistics for all the clients advertising on and during that month.

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What pages will my ad be on?

Leaderboards appear at the top of our pages. Skyscrapers are displayed on the right side of the page. Buttons, the smallest of the three, appear on the right side of the page above skyscrapers. The exception is our editorial page which is presented without advertising. Please note that your ad will also rotate with up to 9 other advertisers.

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Can you link the ad to my site?

Yes, just give your site's URL to your Account Executive.

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How much traffic does your site get?

The latest stat report contains the most recent traffic analysis of and

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How many times will my ad be viewed?

This depends on what type of ad you run, when, and how long you advertise with us.

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Do I have to make my own ad?

You can choose to design your own ad or have us construct one for you.

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Can the ad be animated?

Ads can be animated in .gif or flash formats.

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If I don't have a web site will my ad still be effective?

Yes, web ads act like electronic print ads. You can supply phone numbers, addresses, or other forms of information right inside the ad.

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