More Than
81% of Readers Have...
over $50 in Disposable Income

Classified liner ads have some of the higher readership statistics of any part of the paper.

Classified liner ads are also online at free of charge.

Classified Liner Rates

The progressive rate schedule makes it economical to run an ad for a longer period of time, ensuring that your ad obtains maximum readership at a minimum cost. Classified liner ads are prepaid. The ads must have a minimum of four lines and the first two words will be capitalized. An ad may not begin with the letter A. All classifieds are non-refundable.

Open Rate $8.50 per line per week
Student Rate $5.00 per line per week
Online only $7.00 per line per week
1 year $5.50 per line per week
Semester $6.80 per line per week
Bold Words 50¢ per word per week (10 word limit)
Border (print only) $6.00 per week
Featured Online
(ad appears on front page of
$4.00 per week
Tweet promoted $10.00 per tweet

Liner Deadline

Deadline is 12:00p.m., one work day prior to publication.

Correction Policy

The State News strives to have your ad run error free; however, mistakes sometimes happen. Please review your ad the first day it appears. If there is an error, contact the advertising department. If an error is made, credit may be granted if we are alerted within one business day of the error occurring. If you wish to cancel your ad, the remaining balance will remain as a credit on your account for one full year.