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What is your policy on alcohol and tobacco advertising?

The State News will accept beer, wine, liquor and tobacco ads which do not violate local, state, or federal laws or regulations. However, The State News will not run ads which encourage any form of alcohol abuse, will not portray drinking as a solution to a problem and will not offer beer or alcoholic beverages at non-licensed establishments. Here is the policy in it's entirety:

Recognizing the increased consumption of alcohol on college campuses, and in some instances the increased occurrences of alcohol abuse; and recognizing the dangers of alcohol abuse in connection with malicious destruction, driving accidents, and other related activities, The State News uses the following guidelines in determining the acceptance of advertising regarding the use of alcohol beverages.

  1. Advertisements may not promote irresponsible and/or the illegal use of alcohol beverages.
  2. Advertisements may not portray drinking as a solution to personal and academic problems.
  3. Advertisements may not portray alcohol consumption as being necessary for social, sexual, personal or academic success.
  4. Advertisements may not encourage any form of alcohol abuse, including but not limited to, quantity and frequency of usage.
  5. Advertisements will not be published in which alcohol beverages are offered as prizes or incentives.
  6. Advertisements will not be published which offer, either free or for sale, alcohol beverages at non-licensed establishment.
  7. Advertisements will not be published which promote drinking contests or alcohol abuse.
  8. Advertisements which promote or portray underage drinking will not be published.
  9. Advertising may not associate alcohol consumption with the performance of tasks that require skilled reactions.
  10. Alcohol-related advertisements which are demeaning because of race, religion, national origin or sex in any context will not be published.

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Who controls what ads get published?

Because The State News is a student newspaper, students determine the content of the paper. In particular, the advertising manager has the final authority to accept or reject any questionable content including advertising.

More specifically, our written policy follows:

All advertising submitted for publication in The State News is subject to acceptance by the newspaper, and The State News reserves the right to reject copy at its sole discretion at any time prior to publication.

The State News will not knowingly publish any advertisement which fosters the evading of or violates any federal, state or local laws or encourages discrimination against any individual group or business on the basis of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability.

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Will your artists make my ad for me?

Of course! Just ask. We're generally hip-deep in talented art and design students. Many of them are truly gifted individuals. And you're getting them for pennies on the dollar, or less. You might want to take advantage of that.

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Why can't I use Michigan State University logos in my advertising?

MSU tightly controls use of its copyrighted and trademarked materials. While it is possible for persons other than bonafide MSU departments to use these materials, the issue lies with University Licensing Programs. Email them: or call (517) 355-7505 for more information. A set of guidelines for allowed use are posted on their website:
We cannot allow unsanctioned use of these materials and ads containing improper usage of same will be returned.
Here is brief rundown of MSU's guidelines:

MSU has strict limitations on what you can and cannot do. Generally speaking, without prior arrangements, you cannot use their graphics at all.

Trademark Notice
University trademarks require either a TM or a trademark status designation on each mark. In all cases, the notice should be positioned to the lower right of the mark. Contact University Licensing Programs on what designation applies to your artwork.

University trademarks can only reproduced in the designated university colors of green or white. Allowances can be made by University Licensing Programs regarding an acceptable range of color. By way of example, white may be authorized as silver, ivory or other similar shades. Green may be authorized either as a true PMS 341 or as a match to the Official Color Standard issued by University Licensing Programs.
Additional University Marks
The trademarks posted on this site are the only authorized marks available for your use. In the event you would like to feature other discontinued trademarks of the university, please contact University Licensing Programs.

As with university trademarks, all wordmarks of the university can only be reproduced in green or white. SPARTANS and STATE do not have any specific design standards.

For further information MSU has provided two web sites:

The first site has a section specific to advertising.

You may also want to contact University Licensing Programs at (517) 355-7505, or send an email to:

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Can you guarantee where my ad will be placed?

Yes! There is a 20% markup for guaranteed placement.