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The classifieds are a perfect place for you to advertise an employment opening in your business, rent out a house to MSU students, sell concert or sports tickets and more. By choosing what category your advertisement runs in, you can be sure you reach the targeted audience you're aiming for.

Within our classified section, you may advertise with a display ad or a liner. Each option has a slightly different layout, but both are available at affordable rates.

Open Rate $17.00 per column inch

Local Bulk Contract

A bulk contract allows you to advertise at a lower column-inch rate in return for committing to a certain number of inches over the course of a year. These inches may be used however and whenever you'd like, as long as the number you commit to is fulfilled by the time your contract expires.

Inches 1 year
300" $15.80
600" $15.50

Only the bulk contract exists for classified box


Copy received after deadline will not be guaranteed a proof. Late copy will be assessed a $25 fee.

Publication Day Space Deadline
Monday Wednesday 3:00 p.m.
Thursday Monday 3:00 p.m.

Classified Column Measurements

The diagram on the right illustrates how a page in the print edition might be laid out.

Columns Inches
1 1.25"
2 2.63"
3 4.0"
4 5.38"
5 6.75"
6 8.13"
7 9.5"

These are calculations for advertisement column widths only. For example, to run an ad that is 3x5, your ad would measure 4" by 5"

Click image for larger version.