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Business FAQs

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Can The State News be delivered to my business?

Yes, here's the scoop on distribution:

The State News is placed at designated points of distribution each morning of publication by 8 a.m. Points of distribution are selected to reach the maximum number of members of the University community (dormitories, cafeterias, Greek housing, Student Union, major apartment complexes, classroom buildings, grocery stores, etc.). The State News is also delivered to numerous off-campus locations throughout the East Lansing area and at the state capitol.

During the Fall & Spring Semesters, The State News is published on Mondays and Thursdays and has a circulation of 12,500.

The State News has one of the largest distributions of any college paper in the country.

If you are interested in becoming a distribution point for The State News, please contact our business office by phone or email our office manager. The following questions help us determine when to add a distribution point:

Is your business open in the morning?

Since The State News is a morning newspaper, sites should be open early and have a lot of morning traffic. Otherwise, the papers will litter the surrounding area and may create poor relations with neighboring businesses.

Are you willing to have at least 50 papers delivered daily?

Because of the high costs of delivery, we are unable to provide papers to drops requesting fewer than 50 papers per day.

Is there another drop in the immediate area?

Because we are a bulk drop newspaper, we look for centralized locations which are easily accessible to many people.

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What can I do if I have an issue with my bill?

By all means, please let us know. The sooner we know of a problem, the easier it will be to resolve. Contact our office manager who handles our accounts receivables. Email and telephone information can be found on the contact list.

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